Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the "First Hebrew City", is not only an important place in the history of modern Israel but also a very fun city for tourists from all over the world.

The city, which is playing an important role as the business center of Israel, is also the cultural center of Israel, the food center of the country and a lot more. In the following article, we'll briefly walk over some of the main attractions Tel Aviv had to offer. There are so many, so a short text can't cover them at all. Get ready for an uplifting super-fun experience.

Come to the Beach

Israel is blessed with great beaches all over the country. From south to north you can find your spot to get inside the sea and feel marine wonder. Even though, there are no beaches compared to what you find in Tel Aviv.

On the beaches of Tel Aviv, you can find all kinds of populations and communities enjoying together: Cool surfers, free dogs (in certain spots), religious families, tourists and the list go on. There is a wide nice boardwalk all over the seaside of Tel Aviv, where you can find joggers and riders, but also a lot of hostels, restaurants and cool places to sit, drink and hang out. Additionally, the long boardwalk hosting consistently music shows and street performances, so prepare your coins.

Bon a Petite

Israeli cuisine became in recent years one of the most interesting and growing culinary scenes all over the world. Local chefs have great success over the sea and many restaurants are hosting thousands of happy clients on a daily basis.
Naturally, the center of the culinary scene is in Tel Aviv. From street food to traditional dishes to fancy gourmet – you can find all from all in Tel Aviv. Eating in Tel Aviv is a fun adventure not just because of the food (which is excellent, most of the time), but also for the cool atmosphere around it, including music, drinks, people and more.

Tel Aviv has some main markets which are strongly recommended for tourists and for anyone. In some of them, you can find also very interesting culinary tours, including tasting. The prominent markets are Carmel Market, Levinsky Market, Flee market in Jaffa and Hatikva Market.

Welcome to Jaffa

Tel Aviv is actually not the proper name of the city we mean to in this text. The full official name is Tel Aviv-Yafo, and that is because the city today is combined from two unseparated parts: Tel Aviv, and Yafo, also known as Jaffa.

Jaffa, the oldest and most southern part of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Jaffa is a mixed city with a large population of Arabs and Jewish. This mix and history are important parts of the magic of Jaffa. On a daily tour, you can see old buildings, local shops and magnificent mosques, along with trendy bars and restaurants.
The old city of Jaffa is a must-stop visit for every tourist in Tel Aviv. Kissing the sea, the old city has a beautiful harbor from one side, and on the other side impressive stone walls, ancient mosques and churches. Many artists work in this part of Jaffa and the old city is full of galleries and museums. It is also recommended place for anyone who likes to see a beautiful sunset or like drinking his coffee in a perfect spot to watch the sea.

Get ready to Explore

Tourism in Israel is very heterogeneous, side by side with the famous recommendations, there are so many things that are right to the specific tourist in a specific part of Israel. This truth is even more true when we are speaking about Tel Aviv. The diverse city has so many things to do within, that any tourist should explore by himself. Sport, culture, music, food, local tours and more – there are a lot of pearls in Tel Aviv, and a great part of the fun is to look for them by yourself.
Anyhow, don’t forget to bring a towel because you must visit the beach 🙂

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