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Islamic Pilgrimage

Experience the rich history and culture of the Holy Land with our specially designed Islamic tours in Israel.

Discover the sacred sites and landmarks of Islam with our skilled guides and the well-designed organization of Ayala Travels & Tours.

Day 1: Arrival

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, one of our representatives will be there to greet you, to guarantee an easy arrival. We will then arrange for a transfer to Jerusalem, where you will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 2: Jerusalem

Right after breakfast, we will be warming up on the way to the picturesque Mt. of Olives to soak in the breathtaking panoramic view of the historic city. Before entering the walls of the old city of Jerusalem, we visit two famous tombs located on the mountaintop: the ``Hulda`` Tomb and the Tomb of the prophets.
Beneath the walls, we will ascend to Temple Mount, where we can have a prayer at the celebrated ``Mosque El Aksa`` and visit the Dome of Rock. We will also visit the monument ``Mosque of Omar``, which is located near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Walking through the Bazaar we will visit the Islamic Museum, the church, and the ``Minaret of prophet Isa`` (Jesus): the spot where it is believed that prophet Isa will return to earth at the end of times. Then, we will be heading north and out of the city, to visit the tomb of the prophet Samuel (``Nabi Samuel Mosque``). The last destination for the day is the Israeli National Museum, where we can find, inside a marvelous piece of architecture named ``The
Shrine of the Book``, the ``Dead Sea Scrolls`` – an ancient manuscript of the Jewish scripture, found in the Judean desert.

Day 3: Jericho and the Dead Sea

Seeing the old manuscript from the Judean desert with your own eyes makes it even more fantastic to see the Judean desert itself. Therefore, on this day you will have a chance to visit the desert and the city of Jericho. First, we drive to Jericho, an ancient city believed to be one of the oldest on earth, home to ``Hisham`s Palace`` – the remains of a winter palace built by Umayyad ruler Hisham
Our next stop is the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. We will host in Kibbutz Ein Gedi on the coastline of the Dead Sea, where you will be greeted with a relaxing Spa treatment. Then, we will visit ``Nabi Moussa Chan``, the burial spot of the prophet Moses, according to Islam tradition.

Day 4: Hebron and Beit Lehem

We start the day – after a morning break at the ``Pools of Solomon``, three reservoirs from the Roman period – in Hebron. Later, we travel to Beit Lehem, the birthplace of the prophet Isa. There we will visit the very place, due to tradition, where Jesus was born – the Church of Nativity.
Subsequently, we stop at the northern outskirt of Beit Lehem to visit ``Rachel's Tomb``, a famous monument and historical symbol of the holy land. According to some traditions, this is the place where Rachel, wife of Jacob and mother of Nabi Youssuf, is buried.
Then we will return to Jerusalem, to visit Mt. Zion – where the reputed tomb of King David is located. There, we will also explore the ``Upper Room``, a significant component of the Mt. Zion complex – the place where it is believed that the Last Supper occurred.

Day 5: Galilee and Acre, Haifa, and Tel Aviv

This day we take a scenic drive through the Jordan valley and the Sea of Galilee, where we'll
stop at Kfar Hittin, a historic site that holds great significance in the history of the Crusades. Here, we shall learn about the defeat of the Crusaders by Saladin's army in 1182.
Next, we will head west to the ancient city of Acre, which is located by the Mediterranean Sea. First, we will admire the ``Grand Citadel``, built during the times of the Ottoman regime, and then visit the ``Masjed El Jazaar`` – a mosque located in the courtyard at the Sarcofagi of Jazaar Pasha Ahmed and his successor Suleiman. After exploring the Old City and ``Khan El Umdan``, we proceed to Haifa, where we will visit the cave of the Prophet Elijah. We will then continue along Mount Carmel, passing through the Druze villages of Daliat El Karmel and Isfiah, where we'll have a panoramic view of the Jizreel Valley, where the famous battle between the Egyptian army and the Mamluks under Sultan Baybars took place in 1260.
Our journey will end in Tel Aviv, Israel's financial and cultural capital, where we spend the night. As an optional excursion, we can also visit the Old City of Jaffa, where you can explore the attractive artists' quarter and experience the city's exciting nightlife.

Day 6: Departure

We can escort you to the airport, or one of our border crossings for continued travel.

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