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This might come as a surprise, but since ancient times, the land of Israel knew lots of conquests and only short periods of independence. Starting with the conquering quests of Alexander the Great, to the post-war British regime, for 2,000 years roughly, the country was under a non-local regime.

Back then, this land seemed an almost forgotten piece of a desert at the border of some empire.

In the middle of the 20th century this situation, which at the time seemed to last forever, suddenly changed – and the state of Israel was born. Since then, and ask any little boy, independence is a major theme in the country's daily life and political discourse.

The connection between this land and the very concept of liberty – has some deep roots that go all the way to Moses and Exodus. Long story short, it feels like the land invites you to free yourself. From this conception, we at Ayala Tours welcomes private tourist who seeks to have a unique adventure in the land of Israel, and are willing to help them down the small details.

We are Here to Help

Independent tours are, not surprisingly, independent. You go on your own. Nevertheless, this does not mean you have to plan it all alone! Israel and the Middle East are full of things to see and do, but navigating this part of the world as a tourist can be tricky.

For that, many travelers struggle with coming up with a plan in advance or having difficulties optimizing their time abroad. We all know this feeling: to find out that the best hotel in town is just across the street from the nice but too expensive one that you spent the weekend in; discovering an ideal viewpoint, ten minutes walk from your location, just five minutes before you really, but really, must go. So sometimes, getting along in a new, unfamiliar environment can be harsh, and you might want to have someone to help.

This someone is us! It does not matter if you are into trekking up the mountain, urban sightseeing, or desert camel riding, know that we can find for anyone the attraction that suits him the best. With Ayala Tours, solo travelers can look forward to an extraordinary experience, as we offer a variety of travel options and assistance in car rentals or accommodation booking.
Furthermore, being a leading tour operator, Ayala Tours will happily provide advice about the creation of the ideal trip. so, you can have fifty years of experience only one phone call away.

You Never Walk Alone

Independent travel in Israel is an opportunity for one to experience different cultures and find new friends, and it is a great moment to meet new people and discover new perspectives. Know that going on your own, with the right people, is never going on your own – simply because you can
always meet amazing, different people on your way. Just like that planning a trip alone is hard, also mingling and meeting new people might be a struggle without any help. Therefore, you should contact us at Ayala Tours, for we can create a group of people like you.

Although personalizing tours is what we do best, you can find on our website some of the itineraries we suggest, which differ and are organized by duration or theme. We prepared everything, and we suggest, to the solo tourist as well as to organized groups, well-planned, tight, and unique packages. whether you are a foodie, a nature lover, or someone who just wants to relax on the beach, there is something in Israel for you to do: Visit the Dead Sea, spend time in the desert, see the old city of Jerusalem, take a tour of the Sea of Galilee, shop in Tel Aviv, and so on. Contact us on Ayala Tours and we will be there for you to design the perfect independent travel.

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