Israel is known in the world for the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Besides all these lovely places, there are many other attractive sites, cities and villages. One of them is Caesarea, a small town in the north center of Israel, sitting by the Mediterranean Sea. Modern Caesarea is located in the ancient city of the same name (almost, the ancient city named Caesarea Maritima), which was rebuilt by the known Roman client king Herod the Great. Its ruin stands today in the beautiful national park of Caesarea.

In the following text, we'll discuss some of the magical parts of the northern city and make a short introduction to the great highlights of Caesarea.

The National Park

Talking about Caesarea and tourism cannot start in any other way. The national park of Caesarea is one of the most beautiful places exists in Israel. It is also one of the important archeological sites of Israel, for reason that Caesarea used to be the economic and cultural capital of Israel, in old times when Israel was a Palestinian province ruled by the Romans.

A large amount of the greatness of Herod the Great is dedicated to his architectural achievements, which were impressive in quantity and quality as well (his most famous project is the expansion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem). The ancient city of Caesarea Maritima is great evidence of his abilities. The ruins of the city, among them amazing mosaics and an impressive Roman theatre, are located in the national park, along with other fascinating archeological findings and great reconstruction work, of the Roman time of the city and other periods as well.
It is important to mention that Caesarea Maritima is a port city, and the national park sits on a natural harbor. The combination of the beauty of the sea with the great aesthetic of the archeological site makes a magical mixture nobody can be indifferent to.

Except for the aesthetic issue, the national park of Caesarea is also a very good place for an interesting history lesson. The visitors of the park can enjoy an enriching and creative movie about ancient Caesarea.

Let’s Play Some Golf

Golf is not a very common sport in Israel. One of the few places where you can actually play the noble game like a pro is in Caesarea. The largest gold club in Israel is sitting in the city, with an astonishing design and professional golf courses. If you are a fan of the game, you cannot skip visiting Caesarea.

Concert Time

London had the Royal Albert Hall, New York had the Madison Square Garden and Israel had Caesarea. The amphitheater of Caesarea is one of the important and exciting places for music concerts in Israel. Having a show in Caesarea consider one of the top ambitious dreams of any Israeli artist.

As an audience, the atmosphere in the amphitheater is excellent for music concerts. The amazing architectonic site, the nice breeze from the sea and the great sound from the stage make any show in Caesarea unforgettable. Just remember to book tickets in advance because the shows are almost always sold-out very fast.

Relax at the Beach

Many cities in Israel have access to the sea, but there is no doubt that the north-center of Israel, between Haifa and Tel Aviv, has an amazing incomparable beach strip. If you have time in Caesarea, try to make soma place in the schedule just for chilling on the beach. Maybe you will feel like an important Roman Cesar on his vacation day. The best plus is that in modern Caesarea there are plenty of restaurants and galleries just by the sea, so you can enjoy the nature of the beach with a nice cultural experience.

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