For thousands of years, the land of Israel is known as a cross-cultural country. People from all nations, countries and religions came to the holy land to experience adventures only Israel can provide. Historical sites, great Mediterranean food and holy places were important strengths to visit in Israel since a long time ago.

As the northernmost port city in the country, Acre has an authentic urban cross-culturalist soul. Acre is one of the major mixed cities in Israel, with a population made up of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, and Baháʼís living together and sharing traditions. It has a fascinating history in every corner, and it is hosting the best hummus restaurant in the whole country, in the opinion of many.

In the following article, we will briefly tour the great attraction of Acre. Bring up your curiosity and get ready to know one of the most interesting places in Israel.

Old City

Some evidence shows that Acre exists since 3000 BC around, which makes Acre one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the whole world. The old city of Acre reveals some signs of the ancient fascinating times of Acre. A walking tour between the stone allies of the quarter can be an astonishing experience for everyone. “Must see” stops are the city walls and the Citadel of Acre.
The best practice to walk in the old city is a guided tour, where an expert guide can tell you all you need to know about the attempt of napoleon to siege the city or the great stories of the crusader period. If you are a more “free-spirit” traveler, an independent tour can work nicely as well. One way or another, the undeniable smell of the sea nearby is perfectly completing the attraction.

Acre Markets

The old city is not just an old stone building from ancient times. Even These days, is one of the most vivid and nice places for tourists all over the country, mostly because of the full of smells, sights and tastes market located within. Market Street is the main route of the old city, running from south to north of the quarter. In the market, you can enjoy a variety of stores and stalls, offering unique home tools, fresh fish, Mediterranean spices and sweets, and more.

Acre is not a very big city (less than 50,000 resident lives in the city today). Even though it has an impressive number of markets. Except for Market Street, you can also enjoy visiting the Turkish Bazar or the white market (Suq Al-Abiad). Amazing places to visit for an authentic culinary adventure.

The Holiest City

It’s important to know that Acre has the great title of the “holiest city in Israel “. The holiest city for who? to the Baháʼís . The founder prophet of the religion, Bahá’ú’lláh, lived in Acre for his last days and stated there the laws of the religion in a book known as the “Most Holy Book”, according to the Baháʼí faith. His remains are buried in the Bahá’í Holy Garden in Acre.
The holy garden, open free to the public, is a wonderful-looking garden. A perfect combination of great aesthetic values with a fascinating story. The holy gardens (located in Acre and in Haifa) are listed on UNESCO World Heritage List for that reason.


No article about Acre is not complete without mentioning its unique super delicious cuisine. As a city settled in a natural harbor, Acre has plenty of great fish restaurants. The most recommended seafood restaurant is “Uri Buri”, offering wonderful dishes based on the local inventory.
Another mythological local culinary place is “Hummus Said”, offering simple but testy hummus dishes. How mythological? People from all over Israel come especially to Acre to eat Hummus in this specific place and even songs were written about him (“Saeed” by the electronics duo “Infected Mushroom”).

Welcome to the North

The north of Israel includes many adventures for tourists, such as great nature, wonderful seashores and local food. If you are visiting the north, you must see Acre and enjoy the unique experience the city offers to everyone. If you are a history lover, beach traveler, foodie or every other kind of tourist – Acre is the perfect place for you.

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