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When is it recommended to visit Israel?

Recommended seasons are spring and autumn, it should be noted that during the holidays there is a load of travelers and hotel prices are higher..

Is a visa required for Israel?

A tourist visa is for 3 months and is given at the airport, except for required countries, the detailed list can be seen on the website of the Ministry of the Interior

What is the local currency and is it possible to use foreign currency?

The local currency is the new shekel, you can also use dollars or euros in most places, as well as credit cards

Can I enter the West Bank territories?

As a tourist you are allowed to travel in the territories of the West Bank. Keep up to date with travel warnings regarding Area A (the Palestinian Authority), also if you have a rental car, make sure the insurance covers entry to Area A

Am I allowed to drive a car in Israel?

To drive in Israel you must have your driver’s license.


Can I use my mobile phone and are there WI FI networks?

You can connect to a network of places (depending on the arrangement of your cellular company) in most places and hotels you can connect to WI FI for free.



Do I need medical insurance when visiting Israel?

It is recommended to bring medical insurance. The health system and hospitals in Israel are at a high level. But the treatments are expensive.




Are there any corona restrictions?

Today (1.1.23) there are no corona restrictions except for a few places that require a mask pen.




Can I drink tap water?

Mostly yes. In the summer it is recommended to drink mineral water.





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