Dead Sea

Israel is a relatively small country but has an impressive number of seas. Except for the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which are proper seas for any geographical aspect, we can find in Israel the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, which are actually lakes with fancy names.

The Dead Sea is the second saltiest lake on earth, and its high salinity prevents any visible organism (fish and plants) to live inside it. His morbid name came for that reason. Even though the Dead Sea is "dead" in aspects of fauna and flora, it is completely alive in terms of tourism and trips. Hundred of thousands of people come every year to swim in the water of the Dead Sea, sleep in the nice hotels spreading on its shores or just witness the magical beauty of the lowest place in the world. In the following text, we'll try to explain a bit of the special magic of the Dead Sea.

The Lowest Place on Earth

The Dead Sea is famous worldwide because of its unique record: the lowest land-based elevation on Earth. How low exactly? 420 meters (1,378 ft) below sea level, what makes his shores 420 meters (1,378 ft) below sea level. No wonder that the Dead Sea was on the finalist list of the new wonders of the world. The famous record makes it a great attraction for tourists all over the world.

Hilling Water

The super salty water of the Dead Sea is known to have hilling powers according to some beliefs. That’s the reason the dead sea is famous not only for its record but also for its high-value cosmetic values. Swimming in the greasy water of the Dead Sea maybe will not solve all your problems, but it can help your skin, clean your body and relax your soul. Many travelers which come to the Dead Sea cover their bodies with special mud from the place. Mud covering is a common habit and super fun and recommended thing to do when you are in the area of the Dead Sea.

Swimming in the Dead Sea is a unique experience for another reason. The density of the salt in the water makes the action of swimming impossible mission. Swimming became actually a floating (even for people who don’t know how to float in a “normal” sea or swimming pool). With the amazing desert views surrounding the Dead Sea, floating on the water is surely a nice adventure to have.

Scrolls of the Dead Sea

Like almost any other place in the country of Israel, the Dead Sea has a fascinating history too. On the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea, in eleven caves named “Qumran Caves”, were founded ancient Hebrew scrolls, which are the earliest
evidence of bible scripts in Hebrew, the holy language. The scrolls were written by a group of people known as the Qumran Community. They have special rules, habits and ceremonies as archeologists found out from the Qumran scrolls. A lot of guided tours are coming through the area of Qumran in the Dead Sea and telling their unique story.

Place of Beauty and Silence

Like many sites in the Israeli desert, the Dead Sea offers a special mixture of breathtaking beauty and incomparable silence. The combination of a blue lake between yellow-brown desert mountains makes a wonderful picture.
If you want to feel a truly unique natural wonder on your trip, the Dead Sea is the right place for you. Less than one hour’s drive from Jerusalem, on the border with Jordan, you can find a local piece of heaven.

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