Let me take you back, about 2000 years approximately, to the times Israel has no big cities and transportation was based on horses and camels. In a little village in the Galilee region lived a young couple, in a little house just by the carpentry. In the little house, a young woman got an annunciation that going to change the world, which said she was pregnant and going to have a cute little baby. The name of the baby will be Jesus. Today, the little house is a holy church, and the little city is the capital of the northern region of Israel, the largest Arab city in the country and one of the most important places for the religion of Christianity. Welcome to Nazareth.

Nazareth is one of the most special places for any traveler who is coming to Israel. A unique mixture of cultures, dignified history and a great culinary scene are just a part of Nazareth's magic. In the following text, we'll discover some of the great benefits of a trip to Nazareth.

The Capital of Christian Holy Sites

The first thing we need to mention while talking about tourism in Nazareth is the variety of Christian sites and churches that exist in the city. there are at least 18 different churches and basilicas in Nazareth, and every one of them has its own unique story, and special fine arts and decoration. Among them, you can find the Church of Annunciation, Mensa Christi Church, St. Joseph Church and many more. Outside Nazareth, in a short distance drive, you can find Mount Tabor and the Sea of Galilee, which are also special places for Christianity.
Even if you are not a Christian, Nazareth is fascinating for beautiful churches and other holy sites. Christian tours in the area can be an uplifting experience with a lot of inspiration and interesting things to learn and see.

Explore the Old Market

Almost every fun city also has a fun market (or markets, in plural). The Old Market of Nazareth is an unhidden pearl between the streets of the city. it’s an open-air bazaar with a variety of local shops and stands, such as blacksmiths, goldsmiths and vegetable stools. It’s an excellent place to grab snacks during your day trip or buy local souvenirs from the holy land. In times of the Christian holidays, visiting the Old Market is even more special, with a lot of unique decorations for the holidays and a lot of people who come to feel the special experience of the Christmas spirit In an Israeli market.

Welcome to the Arab street

As mentioned, Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel, and its major population, about 70% of the city residents, are Arab. For that reason, Nazareth is an important place in the Israeli-Arab culture, press, cuisine and so on. Anyone who wishes to understand better the Arab situation in Israel will find a lot to learn from in Nazareth. It is an excellent place to get exposed to the big picture of living in Israel and hear some interesting opinions you may not hear otherwise during your visit.

Sweet Memories

The local cuisine of Nazareth is one of the best reasons to be proud of the city. you can find a huge variety of good restaurants that make excellent dishes based on local materials. But the tip of the top is not the main dishes, but the desserts. The famous sweets of Nazareth, such as the local knafhe or the baklava, make an excellent reason to visit the city, even without seeing all the other cool things. So don’t skip the sweet part of Nazareth.

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