Conference in Israel

Israel is not just a fair destination for adventures and trips. It is also a point of interest for many companies, organizations and meetings. As a developed country with a growing economy, people all over the world doing pilgrimages not only to holy sites but to important and major conferences in any field.

Specializing in local tourism and organization Ayala Tours is the perfect contact for having the perfect conference. Great attention to any detail, thinking about the needs of the hosts and the guest, and many years of experience make Ayala the expert in conference planning and producing.

Top-Notch Facilities

No matter what kind of event is on the spot, it is super important it can be held comfortably and conveniently, in settings that best promote fruitful personal and business interactions. Ayala Tours provides top-notch facilities, making it easy and simple to manage any kind of meeting. Let us be concentrated on the producing, keeping you free to focus on the content of the event and the dialogue with the guests.

More than 40 Years of Experience

As an established agency, we have experience of more than 40 years of assisting groups and organizations in creating inspiring events and experiences, on any scale. From 10 to 1000 participants, we understand the demands of both hosts and guests. For that reason, we employ only the most skilled professionals to take care of every detail.
It’s important to mention that the experience not stopping us from going forward with the future. Wishing to be always the best agency in Israel, we are keeping updated on the new features available for high-quality organization and planning.

Business and Pleasure

While the business may be the primary reason for staying in the region, Ayala Tours will make sure the ‘pleasure’ aspect is not overlooked. According to your preferences, you can participate in additional activities either before or after your event, making the journey to Israel not only fruitful but unforgettable too.
We welcome you to take part in plenty of local attractions we can offer, such as hiking excursions with stop-breathing views, jeep tours, desert bike tours, camel rides and additional extreme options.

Our multilingual tour guides have seen it all and are eager to share their expertise with you. Expertise in the planning field together with specializing in the executing area, making Ayala Turs the address for any wish related to your trip and conference. We are deeply recommending enjoying the pleasure can provide, and not the business only.

Keeping the customers satisfied

You don’t need to be a chef to know that a good restaurant depends firstly on the quality of the dishes’ ingredients. Sticking to that metaphor, a good conference cannot exist without a guiding hand that will do the needed effort on the appearance and facilities of the event. Making a good impression is the first thing have to be done, before getting to the main reason for the event.

At Ayala Tours, we are always keeping in mind to keep your customers (who are the guests of the conference) satisfied and having the best time they can have. As a dignified host, you don’t have to worry about the impressive stage, just about the show itself.

If you wish to save precious time and utilize your conference for every second of it, we encourage you to contact us today. Top-notch facilities, high-quality workers, a service-oriented mind, and more than 40 years of experience make Ayala tours the expert in the art of designing a good event.
Do the first move of contact and let us help you plan an impressive event and an unforgettable trip to the holy land!

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