When the fauna gets lessened and yellower, the night gets chillier, and the landscape gets wide-open – you can know you are in the Israeli desert. Of all the wonders of nature in Israel, the Negev, the biggest desert in the country, is one of the most important and special ones. Welcome to a world where the times go slower, the noises of the city staying behind and every living plant is a miracle.
Beersheba, also written Be'er-Sheva, is the major city of the Negev area. That’s the reason for its popular nickname: "the capital of the Negev". Abraham, the patriarch of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, moved into the area and gave the city its name, in some indirect way. Also Ben-Guiron, the first Israeli prime minister, lived and was buried close by and the university of the city is named after him. Today, Beersheba is a prospering city with so many things to do, for locals and tourists as one.

In the following article, we will walk briefly through some of the major milestones for tourists in Beersheba.

The Only College City in Israel

Almost everyone remembers the college period as a very sweet time. Not necessarily because of the studies, but more because of the social, open-minded lifestyle. In small Israel, college cities are not very common, and you can find developed student communities only in distanced places such as Beersheba in the Negev.

Beersheba is maybe the real serious college city in Israel, with dozens of thousands of students living within. This unique population makes Beersheba a vivid city with many actions inside it – parties, shows and other cultural events occurring on daily basis. The biggest club in Israel works in the city, such as many smaller clubs, concert halls and bars. If you want to feel the young Israeli spirit, no doubt Beersheba is the place for you.

Gate of the Desert

In some ways, Beersheba is the gate of the Negev. “The capital of the Negev” is the perfect place to arrange your trip to the desert. A short drive and you are already deep inside the wild quiet spaces of the desert land.
If you are planning hiking, driving, or any other kind of traveling in the Negev, Beersheba can be a nice starting point. You can buy whatever you need, plan your trip properly and say goodbye to the big city life. Just remember to bring a lot of water and a large hat, to be prepared for the heat of the desert.
The Negev itself required at least a book of its trails and its take-breathing beauty. A big part of The Israel trail, a 900 km hiking trail moving all along the country from south to north, going through the Negev. Many travelers, including the writer of these lines, consider the Negev Desert as the most special area in Israel.

Bedouin Life

The Bedouins are nomad Arab tribes you can find in the north and mostly in the south of Israel. Many of them live specifically around Beersheba, in the city itself or in Bedouin cities and settlements.
The Bedouin lifestyle is something very unique in modern Israel of the 21st century. They have a special fascinating tradition, including a strong emphasis on hospitality, uniquely delicious food, a nomadic way of life and a lot of strong Bedouin tea and black coffee.

Beersheba is the right place to make an introduction to the Bedouin community. Hearing their amazing stories, sitting in their special comfortable tents and dining with them is a special experience everyone can enjoy from. In Beersheba, you can also find the Bedouin market, with a lot of fresh food and nice gifts to have. Tour in the market, guided or independent, is recommended.


Living in the desert is not something fit for anybody, but a trip to the desert is something every life lover should do. Beersheba offers a lot of the spirit of the desert in a major vivid city. get ready for a one-time adventure in the great depth of the Negev.

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