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keep a peaceful mind and focus just on the spirit of travel
About Ayala Tours

Ayala Tours was established in 1971, as a little tourism company. Today, Ayala Tours is an established agency with professional tour guides, all experts in their fields and certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism, fit for any audience and language (almost). The company is home to various tours, offering a wide range of activities for the whole family and solo travelers.

In the last fifty years, we have been planning and executing trips across the country, and we have developed our unique tourism program, allowing us to plan the perfect journey for you. No matter if you are going solo or in a group, or whether you are interested in history and arts or maybe you are into cycling and hiking, we can construct the trip for you. 

With Ayala tours, you can keep a peaceful mind and focus just on the spirit of travel – no matter what is essential, thrilling for you as a traveler, and what pleases you the most. We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Going Deep

Vising the MUST-SEE sites in a country, and getting to know it for real, are two different things. Today`s instant culture made us all very familiar with the notion of just passing by, never staying just a tiny bit longer in one place and summoning the next thrill with the flick of the finger. 

But comes a time when you seek more than that, when you want to get to the bottom of things. And a vacation is a great opportunity for fulfilling this wish: In a new place, you may want to dig deeper into the roots, learn more about the place`s history, and find something that you did not know before. There is no better way to do it than by taking a tour and immersing yourself in the culture. This is what we are for – Our skilled, experienced staff in Ayala Tours can help you do just that.

Inspiration Time

Although we design for you a unique experience, one that will fit you perfectly, we let ourselves briefly describe some of our packages – to allow you to have a sense of what we do in Ayala Tours. Here are some of the tour packages and the services we offer:


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