What is in common to an old shepherd from the Benjamin tribe, a crusader from the 11th century, and a young Arab contemporary Hipster? There is no doubt that all these types of people are very different from each other, but it is more than plausible that all of them consider Jerusalem one of the most special places on earth.

Jerusalem. With 3800 years of human habitation, Jerusalem is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Even though today it is super modernist – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the largest city in the country. On top of all of that, Jerusalem also has a unique and dignified title - holly city for the 3 major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

That means that there are plenty of things to do, see, eat and experience in Jerusalem. You will always find something new to do in this amazing city as a tourist. In the following article, we will walk briefly about the main attractions Jerusalem offers.

Old City

A spiritual center for Jewish, Muslim and Christian people, the old city of Jerusalem is an excellent starting point for a great tour of the holy land. The old center is divided into 4 residential quarters: Christian, Jewish, Armenian, and Muslim, and in every one of each of them, you can find special unique magic.
The old city encompasses the temple mount, where the western wall and the dome of the rock locating. Additionally, many wonderful sites exist within the walls of the old city, like gates, markets, churches etc. walking between the Jerusalem stone alleys of the historical old city, exposed to the domestic wonderful sounds, sights and smells. It is defiantly a great adventure.


Israel is known for great middle east delicious food. As the capital of the country, Jerusalem is also a major culinary center with a huge number of yummy markets, restaurants and bars.

Mahane Yehuda Market is one of the greatest attractions of the city. With more than 250 different vendors you can find almost everything in that wonderful place. The “Shuk” (as referred to in Hebrew) is plentiful with a lot of excellent fresh local food, such as Humus, Halva and baklava (as well as many nice gifs and antiques you can buy as nice mementos).
Jerusalem also has a rich nightlife and places to eat, drink and even dance on the city’s chilly nights. The best practice for vacation in Jerusalem is to finish a day full of experiences with a nice drink in a trendy local bar.


Jerusalem is not only food and history. At any given moment there are so many events and things to see in the capital – museums, concerts, arts and so on.
Israel Museum, located in the Givat Ram neighborhood, is the largest and foremost cultural institution in Israel. Dedicated to art and archaeology, the museum has an astonishing collection of pieces exhibited in esthetic gardens and wings. If you are an art fan, one day in the museum is clearly not enough to see everything it has to offer.

National Sites

Jerusalem hosts many of the Israeli national important institutions, including the supreme court, the Israeli parliament and the bank of Israel. Each of them is in an impressive structure, appropriate to its status.
An additional important site is “Yad Vashem”, the Israeli official memorial to the holocaust victims. Open to the public, Yad Vashem exhibits a museum that tells the stories of the Jewish people in the holocaust and focuses on Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto and other historical events from that time.

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

Whether you have limited time in Israel or are on a long-term vacation, Jerusalem is a “must-see” station to stop by. Great history, food, culture, and traditions combined into an unforgettable city full of adventures. So, enjoy your stay in Jerusalem, and don’t forget to take pictures.

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