Family Tours

A family tour is maybe the most fun, exciting and unified activity a family can have together. Leaving the comfort zone, exploring a new area and having experiences that cannot happen in the domestic domain are just some of the benefits of a good family trip.

Although, a family trip can be challenging as well, with a lot of different needs and wishes that need to be considered. Ayala Tours, an experienced travel agency with 40 years of experience behind, will make sure that your trip will be the best it can be, with thinking about all the small details and the big attractions of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula.

Organized Tours Custom Made

Organized tours have a lot of pluses no one can deny. Even though, some families are concerned about this kind of trip – without personal touching an organized tour can be a bit general for some people. Ayala Tours specializes in organizing custom package tours, working with you and your family every step to create a truly memorable experience. The best phrasing for that kind of tour is not “organized” but “designed”: a custom-made trip suited well for every unique family, with great attention to the desires of every member of the family.

The full flavor of Israel

Israel is a fascinating country, with a lot of fun, charm and interesting cultures. There is a lot to see and do on a short vacation. You can trust the well-established family trips of Ayala Tours to give you the best of the country with the full flavor of Israel: outdoor touring adventures, programs fit for a variety of different ages and nature-based family excursions. The tours of Ayala spread all over the country from north to south, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Negev Desert and from big city life to rural communities. The trip can include satisfying visits to Egypt, Jordan and Sinai Peninsula if you wish. Nature, history, culture, and food – you will get everything you want to have on your family trip. Just don’t forget to bring a good camera.

The Best Tour Guides in the Country

An excellent organized family tour starts with the right person for the mission – an expert tour guide knows every hidden corner in Israel, every good story and every place with nice things to eat. the guides of Ayala Tours are carefully chosen to make your family trip the best it should be. With high standards for every trip, expertise in every aspect of tour guiding and a great passion for people and travel – the tour guides of Ayala tours are the best instructors you can wish to have in Israel and the near area.

Come celebrate Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Family tours in Israel are great at any time, but it is especially good for the special occasion of a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Nothing can be more symbolic and meaningful than celebrating your development into a Jewish adult in the holy land. Ayala Tours invites every family to come and have an unforgettable trip for the special time of the Bar Mitzvah age. We will be more than happy to make sure it will be a great event that will remember long after your trip ends.

It’s Family Time!

Nothing in life is more satisfying than a united and happy family. An organized trip to Israel can do a great help in reaching that goal. We encourage you to take a look at our sample family tours listed below and contact us today. We will be happy to help your family design a personalized and unforgettable tour to Israel!

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