The northern district of Israel had plenty of attractions and adventures you cannot experience in any other part of the land, like the center or the south. The city of Safed, which is located in the heart of the north, in an area called The Upper Galilee, is a good example. Safed is a holy city for Judaism with a long history and pastoral view from every corner. Additionally, there are many cool things to do in Safed and in the surroundings. In the next text, we will show you a bit of the magic of Safed.

The mysteries of the Jewish Mysticism

As mentioned, Safed is considered a holy city for Judaism. it is one of four, together, with Jerusalem, Tiberias and Hebron. The city of Safed has a long and dignified Jewish history, with a lot of important Rabbis, authors and notable people who worked and lived in the city over the years. It has also a respectful list of beautiful synagogues, some of them exist since the 16th century. On that list, we can find The Ari Sephardic Synagogue, Yosef Caro Synagogue, The Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue and more.

Safed is not just a holy place, but the center of the Kabbalah –Jewish mysticism. As a tourist, a Kabbalah tour in the old city of Safed is very recommended. It is a good opportunity to learn about the legends and the history of this fascinating realm, walk through the significant sites of the kabbalah and have a truly unique experience.

Have Some Cheese

Safed is famous in Israel for a good and tasty cheese named after the city. visiting Safed is an excellent time to visit one of the cheese factories that work in the city and have a nice lunch. The pastoral view of the Galilee, and the quiet chilly air in that part of Israel, is the perfect frame to make a good cheese and to enjoy eating it. The best practice of course is to have a good wine with your meal. Its good to know that Safed and the villages around it working some good wineries as well.

Land of Springs

The nature surrounding Safed is something very special, compared to other Israeli cities. In a close-by distance, there are plenty of springs and wadies with cool water and an amazing atmosphere. the most famous of them is Nahal Amud, a beautiful stream with many caves, natural swimming pools and green trees all around. The stream is basically moving under the city of Safed so don’t forget to include it in your trip to the north.

A Moment of culture

Side by side with amazing nature and dignified tradition, Safed had also some unique cultural aspects. In the old city of Safed, you can find plenty of galleries of different kinds, focusing on Judaica and fine arts. Music is also an important issue in Safed. Safed is the “klezmer capital of the world”, and hosts an annual big festival dedicated to the klezmer, a genre of Jewish-Ashkenazi music, which its main instruments are clarinet, violin and accordion. Many people refer to klezmer as Jewish soul music.

Don’t Skip the North

The north of Israel is less famous than other regions in the country, like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Even though it is not that known, the north of Israel is a beautiful area with many things to do and see. The city of Safed is a mysterious pastoral place every tourist should visit. So don’t skip this unique city and come to learn, feel and eat well on the Upper Galilee. The pleasure is promised.

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