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Being the scenery in which most of the events in the Bible occurred, one might wonder whether the landscape of Israel is only the background setting of the stories and tales of the Bible or maybe one of the main characters of the story.
Here, is the site where the Jewish emerged as a nation, the site of the regime of David and Salomon. As you will see for yourselves, biblical stories and characters await at every street corner and below every stone. wherever you choose to go, whether it is the big and crowded cities like Nazareth or Jerusalem, or the peaceful, calm sceneries of Galilee, just be prepared to meet – face to face – with the old stories from the Bible. 

Ayala Tours welcomes you to come to Israel and have a meaningful and magnificent tour of the Christian most important places. In the following text, we will walk through some of the most exciting options waiting for tourists in the land of Israel.

Footsteps of Jesus

Along with the broad recognition of Israel as the landscape of the Bible, Israel is well known as the birthplace of Jesus and Christianity. Jesus, being born here, spent his lifetime between the valleys of the Jordan river and the mountain of Judea: He walked through the alleys of Jerusalem toward his crucifixion, in the notorious trail known as Via Dolorosa; in the city of Tiberius at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, he made spectacular miracles; and in the hilltops of the Galilee, he gave his famous speeches, known across the globe. Joining us on a tour, you can easily visit all these wonderful sights, places of power and sacredness.

Roots of Christianity

As wildly known, nowadays Israel is the state of the Jewish people, as the majority of the population is Jewish. Nevertheless, this has not always been the religious situation in the area. For almost 1,000 years – between the 4th and the 13th centuries – most people living in the country were Christians. Israel is the very place where Christianity was born. For obvious reasons, this has left its mark in Israel. The traces of Christian History, from its very first days, are not theoretical or conceptual, but actual. This land – the place where Christianity has taken root – is historical as well as breathing evidence of Christian lives, from ancient times to this day. The country is full of landmarks and sites of Christian significance, like the Church of the Hole Sepulchre, the “Yardenit” Baptismal site, and the Mount of Beatitudes.

Religious Diversity

We all heard of Israel as a sacred place to three world religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

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