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the bond between the Jewish people and the land of Israel – between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea – has always been strong. Ever since the establishment of the state, more and more Jewish people immigrate here, join the dream of having an Israeli home, and participate in this wonderful action of making the dream come true.

But not just immigrating. Many Jewish all over the world come to Israel every year to see the wonder of the modern Jewish homeland. Ayala Tours welcomes you to come to Israel and have a meaningful and magnificent tour.

Historical Sites and Others

Given this powerful, long-lasting connection between the country and its people, one might assume that the country is packed with points of interest to Judaism, or sights of significant meaning. This is completely true – and will definitely top your expectations. Prepare yourself for something you have never seen before: everywhere you go, and we mean everywhere, you can find some historical site or place of great importance to Jewish folklore, religion, and traditions.

Our Jewish-oriented tours deal with most of the significant aspects of Jewish life – past and present. In Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish independent kingdom and one of the world’s most ancient cities, it is easy to get familiar with old-fashioned Jewish life. In addition, it is recommended to visit places of great importance to Judaism, like the “Western Wall” or the ancient “City of David” – the archeological site where the old Israeli city was built.

Historical sites are not only to be found in Jerusalem. You can go down south to the desert, or up north to Galilee, and discover the sacred, meaningful places in cities like Safed or Tiberias. Toms and caves, springs, and synagogues are all places of great interest to Jewish culture, and many of them are located in the countryside of Israel.

“Jewish Nature”

Speaking of going out of the city, let us introduce to you some of the off-city locations: Ascending the rolling hills of the Galilee and wandering around the lush plains of Golan Heights will provide an unmediated encounter with some sights of great value to the Jewish history, like the Tabor Mountain or the Arbel cliff – all places mentioned in the Bible. Alternatively, going down to the Judaean Desert is an opportunity to acknowledge the land of the kingdom of King David.

Meet the Jewish Life

Doing some sightseeing and wandering around ruins and ancient places on a vacation is pleasant and could get instructive, but it is not enough. Sometimes, going to the most usual places, where people just live, might get as enlightening as sightseeing.

The only problem is, there is nothing usual about Jewish life – as Jewish traditions and belief systems happen to differ significantly between communities: There are hundreds of communities and denominations in Israel, and most of them have plenty of their own culture, traditions, and rituals. Knowing how to navigate the country’s various communities is essential for any devotee of Judaism, and as the only Jewish country in the world, Israel is a good place to start for someone who wishes to learn about Jewish life, culture, and religion

Modern Times

The connection between the land and its people is not just the long shadows of the past. To our day, Israel is a home (some might say – THE home) for the Jewish people. Today, Israel is the biggest Jewish community in the world.

Judaism in Israel still exists, thrives, and is ever-changing – to the point in which “Judaism” may include an enormous amount of people and beliefs. exploring the country will let you uncover this variety of lifestyles and customs: From the liberal, secular life of Tel Aviv to the Hassidic communities that inhabit Jerusalem, all Jewish groups, despite the extreme differences, are part of the same story.
Perhaps traveling around Israel is the best way to get to know how rich and wide-ranging Jewish life can be. So, see you at the beaches of Tel Aviv? Or the synagogues of Jerusalem? We at Ayala Tours encourage you to t contact us today, and we will be happy to help design a perfect Jewish tour.

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