Since the dawn of humankind, the landscape of the mountains meetings the sea is captivating. At the Carmel Mountain range, there are evidence of human activity more than 200,000 years old and the port town of Haifa, located at the junction of the Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most inspirational places in Israel.

If so, it is clear why Haifa became home and central place to many different religions and faiths, from Muslim and Christians to Ahmadis, Druze, and Baha'is, all have a place in the city that is often identified as a montage of peaceful coexistence in Israel.

As the third largest city in Israel, Haifa is the central metropolis in the north of Israel and one of the biggest mixed cities of Arabs and Jews in the country. That fact creates amazing combinations of culture, food and history within the different neighborhoods of the city. The history of the settlement in the area of the city goes back more than 3000 years and Carmel Mountain is part of important biblical stories.

Modern Haifa is home to progress, two world-class academic institutions located in the city, the University of Haifa and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. High-tech companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and Google have opened R&D facilities in Haifa in recent years. The downtown of Haifa is a vibrant area filled with bars, pubs, concert clubs and unique and local street art. The area of the old Talpiot market has been renewed and contains a mixture of new and trendy restaurants and shows next to the traditional market that is being used by the residents.

Different Beliefs, One City

Haifa is the second most important city in the world for the Baháʼí, after Acre, and its world center is in the city. The gardens, on which the center is established, are famous all over the world for their beauty and symmetry and are a must-visit place in Israel. The Baháʼí religion was founded in the 19th century, and it is considered to be the most recent religion to be founded. As so, it is built on the principles of democracy, equality and peace. A tour of the World center is an uplifting experience for the body and soul and a great way to get to know those special people and their beliefs.

Another unique community in Haifa is the one of the Ahmadis, an interesting denomination of Islam that emphasis the spiritual work of Allah. The only community of Ahmadis in Israel sitting in Haifa in a neighborhood called Kababir, where you can find their mosque and warmhearted people that found home at Haifa.

For the beautiful view of the sea, the people of Stella Maris chose the slopes of the Carmel for their main monastery. The Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel or Carmelites is ancient order that choose the location of the Carmel for their center as it relates to the biblical figure of Elijah and his dedication to the war against the foreign prophets.

A City Within Nature

Haifa was built upon the Carmel Nature reserve, one of Israel’s big green lung areas. Some of the valleys of the Carmel go deep inside the city, creating important islands of urban nature between the neighborhoods of the city and a great opportunity for a short hike to clean the mind. For thus how to seek a longer hike, Carmel national park- “The land of the Caves”, offers various options from the fascinating UNESCO site where caves of the Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens were found to the popular hiking area that is full of local flora and fauna as well as the famous villages of the Druze with their own unique food and culture.

Relax By the Seaside

Some of the best beaches in the country lie on the shore of Haifa. A great place to watch the sunset after a day of hikes, attractions and experiences or to spend the entire day under the sun with the great weather of this area of Israel.

For these reasons and more, Haifa is a great location for tours in Israel, offering the experience of a city that is different from the other with the benefits of great nature and the proximity to the northern

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