As one quick look at the map can tell you, Israel is a very long and narrow land. It has some wide parts, but in the general image, Israel has a sharply pointed shape, almost perfect from a geometrical aspect. On the very end of the land, literally on the tip of the point, sits the city of Eilat – the most southern settlement in Israel, and also one of the most enjoyable cities in the area.

If you love to dive, hike, party or just relax on the beach, If you are impressed by the desert views, But also like the beauty of sea life, Eilat is the perfect place for you. In the following article, we'll briefly walk over some of the main attractions Eilat had to offer. Get ready for the perfect touristic adventure.

Under the Sea

Eilat sitting by the red sea, a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, separating the continents Africa and Asia. The Red Sea has rich marine life, including many endemic species. Unlike the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which goes along the western border of Israel, in Eilat you can see sea life the moment you get inside the water. This plus (and the warmness of the water) makes Eilat a perfect spot for anybody who loves diving and snorkeling.

the coral riff in the Eilat is famous worldwide for its stunning beauty, and many scuba divers come to see it and the amazing animals living around it from all over the world. Another famous attraction in Eilat is diving with dolphins in the dolphin reef – a wonderful adventure and unique experience.

It’s important to say that Eilat is friendly for all levels of diving. You can be absolute beginners and do your first dives in the city, and you can be pros and enjoy the rich nature of the sea life in Eilat. It’s optionable to take part in many different activities related to diving in Eilat – starting from professional schools will teach you to dive to depth, until night diving tour, underwater filmmaking instruction and more.

In the Mountains

The nature of Eilat is breathtaking not only in the water but on the land itself as well. The mountains surrounding Eilat from its north are amazing in their colorful views. You can do a lot of hiking in the area. For example, the first walking day of the Israel trail, a 900 km hiking trail going all along the country from south to north, starts there. Many people count it as one of the best parts of the trail.
From the mountains of Eilat, you can view actually 4 different countries: Israel of course, Egypt from the west, and Jordan and Saudi Arabia from the east. If you are an early bird (and even if you are not) the best practice for experiencing the Eilat mountains is to get there at sunrise. The red-brown colors of the hills are amazing with their beauty and there is a special silence you cannot find in any other time of
the day.

City of Fun

There are not many touristic places in Israel such as the city of Eilat. Plenty of hotels, beaches, restaurants and other attraction is spread all over the city. You can enjoy Eilat not only for its amazing nature but also for great parties, fancy hotels and so on. Besides, shopping in Eilat is recommended as well because it is a duty-free area. On the aspect of culture, Eilat is hosting Every year the Red Sea Jazz Festival, an international jazz festival with concerts and masterclasses of the top of the world jazz musicians.

No need for Warm clothes

Eilat may be quite distanced from other popular cities in Israel for tourists, but it is definitely worth the time to go there. Whether you are on a short-term visit or on a long journey, Eilat is a must-stop city for everyone. Just remember to not bring warm clothes to Eilat because there is no need for them – the weather is almost always warm 🙂


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