The Sea of Galilee or Lake Kinnere

Many places in Israel hold a great fascinating history, some of them have stories that happened thousands of years ago. But none of them can compete with the one-time miracle of Jesus walking on the water, as happened in the Sea of Galilee according to the new testimony, Matthew 14:22-36.

The Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kinneret. Israel’s largest freshwater lake and the lowest freshwater lake on Earth. A place is full of spirituality, amazing history and great nature as well. In the following article, we will Superficially explore the mysteries of the depth of Lake Kinneret, one of the most charming places in Israel for tourists. Bring up your curiosity and get ready to get wet a little.

Kayaking and Water Sport

The area of the Sea of Galilee is one of the most appealing points in Israel in its nature. Water springs, wildlife, migrating birds and great views are just the tip of the top of the Kinneret nature. one of the most interesting attractions is kayaking in the delta of Lake Kinneret.

Delta means the Intersection point of three of the Golan Heights rivers: Jordan, Zaki and Dalyot. The unique rivers cross make a “flooded savanna” with so many things to do, see and feel. With no prior knowledge needed, you can enjoy a guided kayaking tour in the water of Kinneret. Great opportunity to make your trip much more special.

Expect kayaking, Lake Kinneret is a great place to do another extreme (but not too much) water sport, such as rafting, bananas, S.U.P and many more adventures. Just remember to put a swimsuit in your suitcase.

Christian Places

When you think about important places for the Christian religion, Jerusalem might appear first in your mind. Even though, the area of the Sea of Galilee is not less important or historical, full of many sights and memorials for the ancient times of the first Christianity.

Nazareth, around 45 minutes driving from the Kinneret is the place where Mother Mary used to bathe young Jesus, according to the tradition. The old city of Nazareth holds 30 beautiful churches and monasteries, so it’s definitely a must-stop station for Christians and curious tourists as one.
Closer to the Sea of Galilee you can find Capernaum National Park, also known as the “town of Jesus”. This unique place has important evidence for the early Christian religion, found in archaeological digging that took place in the ancient village. Today you can find there a modern esthetic church overlooking the waters of Lake Kinneret.

It’s important to state it’s not close to the end of the list. There are many more important sites for the Christian religion in the northern part of Israel, where the Sea of Galilee is located, such as the Yardenit, the mount of Tabor, the mount of Beatitudes and more.

Rural Life Across the Kinneret

One of the many unique things you can find only in Israel is the kibbutz, a special form of settlement, based on shared life, community and agriculture. Around Lake Kinneret you can find the first kibbutz ever “born” – Degania Alef, who started off in 1910 and is known until today as the “mother of the kibbutz”.
Lake of Kinneret is full of rural life beside him. Not just historical Degania (which is still settled), but other kibbutz, villages and settlements with great views of the lake and a simple but interesting way of life. In these places, you can learn a lot about the fascinating history of the modern country of Israel and enjoy some great fresh fish dishes (such as in Ein Gev fish restaurant in kibbutz Ein Gev).

Your Adventure Begins Here

The Sea of Galilee is a wonderful place, and for so many reasons. Whether you are a Christian tourist, a nature lover, or just a traveler looking for some exotic memories, a trip to the Kinneret area can provide them all. All you have left to do is “switch” to “adventure mood” and get ready for a great trip beyond.

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