Israel is famous for many things and attractions, but not for its mountains. The tallest point in Israel is just 2,236 meters (around 7336 feet) – not very tall., compared to other summits, even in the middle east.
The mountains maybe not be that tall, but there is no doubt there are super interesting. Their fascinating history, the nature surrounding them and the impressive view are all local benefits of Israel's tops. At the top of the top, above all the others stands Masada – an ancient fortification sitting on a rock plateau and overlooking the Judaean Desert and the Dead Sea. With an impressive story behind the rock, ancient antiques exist until these days and an outstanding view – Masada is one of Israel's famous and beloved tourist sites. In the following text, we'll explain why.

Story Time

Have you heard a good story recently? Stories are an important factor in human culture since always. The history of the land of Israel is full of fascinating stories, and the story of the Masada settlers is one of the best, with a lot of thoughtful material for the next generations. We don’t want to do any spoilers, so we just mention its includes Romans, Jewish, external threats and internal conflict.
The well-organized site of Masada tells the story clearly, with educated signs and evidence from the antiques. Independent or guided tour in Masada is not just pleasing to the eyes, it’s an excellent opportunity to get exposed to one of the great stories about human beings.

The Living Rocks

Archaeological sites can sound like boring places. A lot of rocks, some unclear ruins, digging tools and a general atmosphere of a building site. The site of Masada is the complete opposite: as a result of Masada’s remoteness, it has remained mostly untouched by humans or nature during the past two thousand years, so you can see the site’s appearance almost like in its old past. The ruins and the amazing restoration built in the place tell together a whole fascinating story about old times. The stone buildings are made of stone of course, but they seem to be so vivid.

Here Comes the Sun

Israel is the land of the desert: a big part of the country is considered a desert, with less than 200 ml of rainfall over a year. It may be not the best scenario for agriculture, but it is good news for anyone who loves breathtaking sunrises. Masada, standing above the rock plateau in the middle of the Judean Desert, is one of the greatest places in Israel to see the sun comes up. Just remember to put the alarm early enough, so you will have time to climb to the top and see the sunset from the site itself.

Come by Foot or by Cables

Masada, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, is definitely worth visiting site, even though it demanded some climbing. There are two main options to get to the site: by foot or by cable car. The hiking trail to Masada known by the name “the sneak path” is a long and winding road, that takes some time to do, about an hour. It’s strongly recommended for any who loves moving his body a bit. The road might be a bit challenging, but it is also very beautiful, with amazing views of the desert that mutually get wide and clear on the ascending.

The second option of the cable car is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to walk on foot but still wants to be in Masada. It is comfortable and fit for anyone of any age and gender.

Sound and Vision

The site of Masada is not lean only on ancient antiques. You can enjoy a sound and light show presented nightly on the western side of the mountain. Masada is also well known for its sunrise music concerts for important orchestras and famous Israeli artists attracting to the site a lot of new audiences.

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