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Sea to Sea 8 Days

See it all – from sea to sea, north, and south – only in 8 days.

Experience the best of Israel in 8 days with Ayala Travel & Tour’s deluxe plan. Perfect for those looking to make the most of their trip.

Day 1 - Arrival in Tel Aviv

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our staff members, who will make sure you have a pleasant landing. After a short ride to Tel Aviv, and some time to freshen up, you will have the opportunity to have your first encounter with Tel Aviv`s electrifying. If time permits, our journey will take us to an area renowned as the ``White City``, where we will be typical architecture from the 1940s. This area has been recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage site and is a must-see for anyone interested in urban design and history.

Day 2 - Tel Aviv and Jaffa

We will start our morning in a neighborhood named ``The Yemenite Vineyard``, after the original inhabitants there – people of Yemenite origins. Although the population has changed significantly, there is still a magical feeling while walking the alleys. Afterward, we will make our way to the Old Jaffa, where we will explore the picturesque streets, admire the intriguing crafts on display at the markets, and take a stroll through the city. Subsequently, we will proceed to the Diaspora Museum, where we will immerse ourselves in the history of the Jewish communities that have been scattered around the world. Thereafter, we will head over to the vibrant ``Carmel Market``, where you can experience the colorful atmosphere of this city market.

Day 3 - Caesarea, Mt, Carmel and Haifa, Acre

This day is all about cultural diversity. First, you will visit the majestic ruins in Caesarea, from the Roman period. Then, we will drive up Carmel Mountain, to visit some lovely villages settled by the Druze population of Israel: a culture of unique beliefs and customs. Then we will drop by the Bahai Garden in Haifa – a magnificent place, that presents stunning views of architecture, and gardens. The Gardens are sacred for the Bahai religion, and a site for pilgrimage and prayer. After that, we will be driving norther to Acre – one of the oldest cities in Israel and home to countless points of interest. You will have the opportunity to go down to the ``tunnels`` – the remains of the crusaders building from the Middle Ages, hidden under (and above) the modern city.

Day 4 - South, and South Again

On this day we set off to explore the desert. Our first stop is Tel Sheva, an ancient city that is home to ruins from the biblical period. Then, we will drive past the Ramon Crater, an enormous geological formation that is a must-see for nature lovers. We will then head south to the Arava desert, where we will view yet another crater – the Timna Crater. We will also visit the impressive ``Solomon's Pillars``, towering rock formations, and take a turn around the beautiful Timna desert lake: an artificial body of water surrounded by sandstone cliffs. Finally, we will continue driving to Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel. Eilat is known for its year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs, making it a popular destination for water sports and outdoor activities.

Day 5 - Wonders and Water in Eilat

We start the day with a visit to the famous Eilat Underwater Observatory, where you will spend the morning exploring the magnificent undersea life of the Red Sea: The observatory is home to a variety of sea creatures that can be viewed from the comfort of the underwater
observatory. After that, we will take you to an observation point where you will have a panoramic view of the Eilat Mountains, a beautiful desert mountain range that surrounds the city. You will have the afternoon free to explore Eilat at your leisure. There are several activities to choose from, such as visiting the Dolphin Reef, scuba diving, snorkeling, taking a glass-bottomed boat tour along the reef, going on jeep tours in the Eilat mountains, and more.

Day 6 - Masada and the Dead Sea

After a pleasant breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to the Dead Sea. This is a unique and beautiful salt lake – with its surface 400 meters below sea level, it is the lowest water point on earth. It is also known for its therapeutic properties, you will have the afternoon free to enjoy the water and the therapeutic mud baths. Before the relaxing time, we will climb our way up to ``Masada`` – an impressive ancient citadel located atop a mountain in the Judean Desert, that was the site of a heroic last stand by Jewish rebels against the Roman Empire.

Day 7 - Jerusalem

Right after breakfast, we will be driving to the picturesque Mt. of Olives, to soak in the breathtaking panoramic view of the historic Old City of Jerusalem. We will then explore the heart of the Old City, crossing the Jewish Quarter and the ``Cardo``, a labyrinth of narrow passageways. As we continue our journey, we will come across the ``Broad Wall``, a formidable fortification constructed in preparation for Judah's rebellion. The next stop on our itinerary will be the ``Israelite Tower``, a site and museum where evidence of ancient battles has been uncovered. We will then traverse through the Jewish quarter, making our way to the sacred Jewish ruins of the Holy Temple: The Western Wall. If conditions permit, we will proceed to the Temple Mount, a sacred site for Islam and Judaism. Next, we will go to Mt. Zion, where the reputed tomb of King David is located. There, we will. also explore the ``Upper Room`` – the place where it is believed that the Last Supper occurred – and you will have an opportunity to admire the historical significance of this sacred place.

Day 8 - Departure

We will transfer you to the airport for your return flight back home.

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