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Jordan Extension Tours

Experience the best of Jordan's diverse landscapes and culture with Ayala Travel & Tours.

From the vast deserts to the mysterious rock-cut cities and bustling urban centers, this neighboring country has something for everyone. Take a trip with us and see it all, from the natural beauty of the desert to the rich history and culture of its cities.

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Day 1: Wadi Rum and Camping

We will embark on an exciting journey as we move to pass the ``Yitzhak Rabin`` Border-Crossing into Jordan. immediately after we jump into our jeeps for a thrilling tour of the Wadi Rum and its ancient merchant routes. There, we will be mesmerized by the breathtaking, awe-inspiring red desert landscape, including towering sandstone mountains and unique rock formations. As we ride through the desert, we will be able to spot the traditional Bedouin settlements and camel caravans dotting the landscape. After a delicious lunch, we will continue our tour of the Wadi Rum before we reach our destination for the day, a traditional Bedouin camp where we will be welcomed with open arms – and some sweet tea. Here we will dine on a luxurious feast and spend the night under the starry desert sky (safe and sound – and warm – in our tents at the camp).

Day 2: Petra the Lost City

After breakfast, we will return to our jeeps and head towards Petra, the ancient Nabatean city – a true wonder of the world where the Nabateans built beautiful, large, and complex structures into the rock. As we get off the jeeps at the entrance of Ancient Petra, we will be greeted by the majestic ``Treasury`` – the famous temple and one of the most iconic
monuments of Petra. Then, we can choose to walk or continue in horse carriages to explore the ``Lost City`` – Petra`s nickname, given the fact that it was rediscovered only in the 19th century. First, we will marvel at the intricate carvings, the grand tombs, and the impressive Monastery.
Later, we make a stop for lunch and then retrace our steps back to the jeeps. After a day of exploring, we will dine at one of the local restaurants and spend the night at our hotel in the modern city of Petra.

Day 3: Jerash and Madaba

We will start the day early with a delicious breakfast and set out north to the Old Cities of Jerash and Madaba. These ancient cities offer a peek into the rich history of the region with their well-preserved Roman ruins, charming streets, and lively markets. We will also visit Mt. Nebo, a holy site for both Jews and Christians, from where Moses is believed to have viewed the Promised Land. We will have lunch and prepare to return to Israel. Experience the thrill of Jordan with Ayala Travel and Tours. Our tour is designed to give you a taste of the country's rich culture and history, with a focus on adventure and immersion. Our experienced guides will lead you on a journey through the deserts, cities, and landmarks. From the rush of the desert sand dunes to the serenity of rock-cut cities, this tour is an opportunity to truly feel the essence of Jordan. Don't miss out on this exciting adventure!

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